Video 1

Correcting the Record

January 22, 2021

Delve into the fascinating history of the Mormon Battalion. In this eye-opening video, we explore the invaluable insights gained from the records of the battalion on the complexities surrounding this historic group of soldiers.

One of the most important discoveries from the records is the definitive list of the 496 Mormon Battalion soldiers. These meticulous records provide a comprehensive account of those who served alongside their fellow soldiers during this pivotal time in history. Understanding the complete roster allows us to honor and appreciate their valiant efforts.

Our goal in this video is to advocate for consistent information on all LDS history sites. The records we’ve examined showcase the importance of comprehensive and accurate historical documentation. By ensuring consistent and reliable information across all platforms, we can promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for the remarkable achievements of the Mormon Battalion.

Video 2

Decisions at Discharge – The Mormon Battalion in 1847

May 18, 2023

Findings derived from journals and letters shed new light on the decisions made by the Mormon Battalion at the time of their discharge. Meticulous research shows that almost all of those who were stationed at Pueblo successfully made their way to Salt Lake City. Surprisingly, 75% of the detachment members who arrived in Salt Lake City immediately returned to Winter Quarters. Understanding the significance of these numbers deepens our understanding of the challenges faced by the battalion during their discharge.

We also uncover the story behind the decisions made by the discharged members in California, providing a fresh perspective on the narrative of the Mormon Battalion’s service.

By examining the motivations and circumstances surrounding their choices, we gain insight into the unique challenges they faced and the broader impact on the larger story of their journey.

Kristine Forbes

Building the Definitive Battalion Roster:​

To the Mormon Battalion Association – January 21, 2021


Kristine Forbes

Kristine Shorey Forbes is a passionate historian with a deep connection to the Mormon Battalion. Her journey into the battalion’s history began when she discovered that her British mission ancestor had been cared for as a boy by a veteran named John Cox in Iowa. This ancestor later became an early pioneer in the Mormon colony of San Bernardino, where Kristine herself was born four generations later.

Kristine’s academic background includes an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. She enjoyed a successful career as a business executive at prominent companies such as Clorox, the Walt Disney Company, and Microsoft. However, her longstanding passion for history eventually drew her attention.

To enhance her genealogical expertise, Kristine obtained a certificate in family history and genealogy from the University of Washington. Utilizing her skills in data analysis, she embarked on a fulfilling journey as a micro historian. By the time she met Laura Anderson at the Mormon History Association conference, Kristine had already familiarized herself with the lives of the Battalion soldiers residing in California. The opportunity to delve into the captivating Treasure Trove of military records filled Kristine with excitement and enthusiasm.

Today, Kristine Forbes continues to contribute significantly to the understanding of Mormon Battalion history, ensuring that the stories of these brave soldiers are preserved for future generations.


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